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iPhone 6 Plus Armband For Running (5.5″) – #1 Rated Exercise & Workout Sport Band – Fits EVERY Arm Size (S – XL) – Includes Free Extender – For Men & Women – Black Case With Premium Red Stitching

Product Price: $14.95

Product Description




This may hit too close to home for you. Or you may be fortunate enough to never have experienced this.


It’s terrible to buy a multi-hundred dollar phone and lose it in one second. It’s also painful to constantly worry about your phone and belongings while you exercise, workout or run.


Know what we’re talking about?


You need something that will protect and secure your phone and at the same time enable you to have a convenient and effective workout experience.


So our team at MuvUSA decided make a fitness accessory that will make any physical activity you perform more convenient and effective: an ARMBAND.


First, we researched the major armbands on the market. What do people like YOU love and hate about the armband? Once we figured those things out, we kept the GOOD and either left or improved the BAD.


After several months of work, we are pleased to now have what we believe to be the absolute BEST ARMBAND ON THE MARKET.


We sincerely believe in our products. Every MuvUSA purchase is covered by a Lifetime Guarantee. Buy the armband, use it for AS LONG AS you want, and if you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will either send you a brand new armband at no charge or refund you completely (even shipping). And you get to keep your armband!


The retail price of the our iPhone 6 Plus Armband is $34.99. Our Amazon listed price is $19.99 (plus s&h). But we are doing a LAUNCH SPECIAL during the month of Sep 2015. So for a limited time you can get our top-of-the-line armband for the sale price of only $14.95 (plus s&h). This price WILL NOT be available after this special launch.


Click “Buy Now” below to enjoy your workout experience like never before!






Product Features

Compatible Phone Model(s) iPhone 6 Plus (5.5")
Color(s) Black, Red, Grey